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Thankful Thoughts List – #1 Laughter

November 21, 2011

I confess that I’m becoming a list lover.  

The whole list making phenomenon started with the 1,000 Gifts list (I started reading the book by that title by Anne Voscamp) and it has multiplied to a collection of lists.

  1. Things I love to do.
  2. Things I love to remember.
  3. Things I’d love to change.
  4. Things I love to smell.
  5. Things I love to taste.
  6. Things I love to touch.
  7. Things I love to hear.

And because thankfulness isn’t always a natural habit for me, I decided to devote some intentional time to specific thankfulness by making a list.

I am thankful that …

1. God invented (and loves) laughter

I LOVE to hear laughter. I am so thankful for laughter. What could be more inviting? What better epitomizes a free spirit? What better expresses joy, thankfulness, acceptance, friendship and lots of other things that make life rich and wonderful?


Laughter comes as apart of some of my favorite people: my dad, who laughs at his own stories until he has to wipe his eyes; my oldest grandson and granddaughter who started, at about age 4, to call us with Knock-Knock jokes; my youngest grandson whose sense of humor emerged with bug jokes even before he could speak full sentences. There’s my daughter’s belly laugh and my daughter-in-law’s squeak and my granddaughter’s giggle.


Laughter is part of almost every good memory.

I remember laughing and we weren’t supposed to be laughing (We were in church, after all). I remember laughing because everyone else was laughing. I remember laughing until my face hurt from laughing. I remember laughing at the way we were laughing.  


Then our mouth was filled with laughter, and our tongue with shouts of joy; then they said among the nations, “The LORD has done great things for them.” Psalm 126:2

What makes you laugh? What’s on your Thankful list?

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