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Thankful Thoughts List – #6 on and on and on …

November 25, 2011

I am thankful that …

6. I could go on and on …

6. Dietz likes to find just the perfect cards.

7. my nose works – so I can smell cinnamon rolls baking, coffee brewing, baby lotion, towels as they come out of the dryer, leather, fresh cut wood, old books, ocean breezes,

8. the Wright brothers were right.

9. Guttenburg was courageous.

10. it’s okay not to be perfect.

and don’t foget …

  1. God invented (and loves) laughter and humor.
  2. life includes doorways.
  3. we have music that expresses the journey toward HOME.
  4. Christ is our message, not just Christianity.
  5. foggy to me is not foggy to God.

Live Thankfully!

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