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Anticipation, the heart of Christmas … as we see in Scripture

December 13, 2011

… as we see in Scripture

I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in His word I put my hope. My soul waits for the Lord more than watchmen wait for the morning, more than watchmen wait for the morning. Ps 130:5-6


The Bible uses the word picture of a watchman. Ever vigilant, on duty, scanning the horizon, anticipating a coming. They know that it will happen. The word has been delivered. There is no reason to doubt. History reassures them. It’s a sure thing. It’s just a matter of when, never if. And so the watchmen wait.

Do you see how this watchman stance is the rule of life for believers with vibrant faith walks? As we hear His promises, believe them to be reliable and wait for their fulfillment, we live as watchmen. We hold our breath, waiting for the first sighting, the initial hint that His promised provision is just beyond our line of vision. The fulfillment is coming.

The burden of making the coming happen is not on us. We do not have the weighty responsibility of orchestrating or managing results. We have the joy of waiting in anticipation and the blessing of fulfilled expectations as He accomplishes His purposes. We watch and wait. We anticipate. The coming of the promised gift is a certain reality.


Because of the Character of God, Christians have every reason to see the “unknowns” of life just as we see unwrapped Christmas presents.  Just because the contents of the gift are unknown, the anticipation is not diluted by dread or dire “what ifs”. We have confidence that delight is just a heartbeat away because we have confidence in the Giver.


Christmas can reinforce our spiritual anticipation. Real Christmas mornings do not include skeptics. In the best versions of this holiday, no child snuggles into bed on Christmas Eve burdened and cynical about the next morning. Nobody goes to sleep reluctant to get up in the morning, dreading the disappointment. True Christmas overflows with anticipation.

And true Christians overflow with anticipation, too!


Anticipation - from a Norman Rockwell Plymouth ad.


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