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A football phenomenon and Psalm 15

January 17, 2012

It’s not about him …

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I read Psalm 15 this morning and was thankful for men who live this way. (By God’s grace, I get to be married to this kind of man.) As you read this psalm and find 11 specific characteristics, I think you’ll see what I mean. 

And for what it’s worth, I’ll share my 2 cents about Tim Tebow.

Why is it that we can now find people, who don’t usually give football or football players a second glance, passionately repeating sound bites from sports news conferences, intensely discussing possible final scores,  and wildly cheering at their televisions? It’s crazy!

Why is it that smooth talking talk show hosts are at a loss for words, can find no plausible explanations for the phenomenon of a young player from Denver, by way of Florida? It’s truly incredible!

Why is our culture so captivated by this young man? What is the source of this inexplicable magnetism? What makes him so special?


It’s a fair guess to say that Tim Tebow would be the first to say that it’s not about him.  It’s not his personality, his life code, or his charm that draws people to him and elicits respect, however begrudgingly given.  It’s not about him. It’s about his God, who is living through this young athlete. It is reasonable to me, after reading the Gospels, to believe that Jesus had much the same effect on the general public when He feasted with His friends, confronted opponents, showed kindness to little children, and navigated the wins and losses of His earthly life in those long ago days. His life caused consternation, disturbance, cheering, jealousy, wonder and questions.

(Now, don’t go away. I’m not giving Tim Tebow the same status as Jesus.)

Jesus was unexplainable. He was immeasurably irritating to those who walked another way – played for a different team, if you will. And yet, He was beloved – magnetic and heroic – to those who valued who He was. It was almost as if against their will, folks were drawn to Him, wanted to be with Him and be like Him. He lived intensely, counter-culturally, and with a single focus. He could not be ignored or explained.


It’s my opinion that when Jesus Christ lives through Tim Tebow, the effect is much the same.  Some would call it baffling, a phenomenon.

Tebow is a star, a celebrity, a media wonder, a hero — but not in the usual manner. He shares the glory, takes the blame, plays hard, and sings badly. He doesn’t fit our usual categories. He leaves people scratching their heads or giving praise to God.


Part of the Tebow phenomenon is that such a life is so rare. It is a sad fact that such a Psalm 15 life is not the norm. But it can be. That same strong kindness, that same courageous justice, that same foundational humility can overflow from each of us – as Christ lives through us. Tim Tebow has a different platform than most of us do, but he has the same purpose.

Such a life has a pretty simple basis: die to self so that Christ Jesus lives through us. Such a life is encapsulated in Psalm 15.

 Are we familiar with Psalm 15? Do we pursue it? Do we nurture it in our children and require it of our leaders?

And do we multiply the effect of Psalm 15 people by calling attention to them? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if such lives would not go unnoticed.

What if we … turn the family, corporate, and church spotlight on Psalm 15 responses, responses that echo the Savior?

What ifthe Psalm 15 leaders, parents, big brothers and sisters, mentors, supervisors, volunteers, teachers are given spotlights and applause and affirmation in every life arena, wherever the name of Jesus is claimed?

What ifwe wildly (or even quietly) celebrate heroic, Christ-like moments that we find in the places God takes us?

What if we …make Psalm 15 common?!?!


And, pray for this brother – he is fallible and the pressures on him are great. Pray for him as you boldly live your faith on the platform that God gives you.

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  1. January 17, 2012 6:42 pm

    I like your perspective Becky. God is a wonder and He uses weak and broken vessels to carry His message. Praise Him!

    • January 20, 2012 3:49 pm

      It is a wonder indeed! And truth be told, there is only One who carried the message who wasn’t a “weak and broken vessel.” Don’t you love it when you run into people who cause you to think of that One? You and your delightful family have drawn our attention to Him many times, brother. And for that we continue to give thanks! Hope you stop by this blog again soon.

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