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Heavenly conversation and a gift from a friend

July 24, 2012

It has been long believed and often said that the best gift is a book – and the only thing better than a book is an old book. I think I have found an exception to that.

I usually agree but recently a dear and faithful friend gave me my very own copy of a NEWish book which draws me into a heavenly conversation. Based on Scripture, this book reminds me of words from my Lord and that refreshes my spirit and refocuses my days. Like this morning when I read:

Thankfulness opens the door to My Presence. Thankfulness is built on a substructure of trust. Practice My Presence by practicing the disciple of thankfulness

The book? Jesus Calling by Sarah Young 

I offer prayers of thanks for friends like my Florida friend, Lisa, who strengthen my grip on Truth by sharing good books with me. And I recommend that you get a copy – and pass one along to a friend.

TOLLE LEGE posts:These famous words, which are part of Augustine’s conversion narrative, are a valuable imperative to us all. God has given us access to some really good “explainers” of His Word and His Ways. We can encourage one another by pointing one another toward Must Read resources – for learning, for laughter, and for endurance.

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