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Adjust your fret meter

August 21, 2012
Psalm 37:1-13

 There will always be evildoers in this fallen world. But, getting all hyper about the presence and plans of those who resist God is just foolish. We need to remember that this reality is not the Greatest Reality.

Seriously! It’s kind of like children that run screaming into the house to hide under the bed because they’ve seen a fly. Flies are really not a terrifying problem because, after all, Dad has a fly swatter and very good eye-hand coordination.

“Fret not!”

I’m thinking our fret-meters need some adjusting. Sure, sure, sure there are folks with ungodly intentions plotting and scheming – and even prospering. Stay calm – our God is aware and working. Psalm 37 helps us put the small reality of the “wrongdoers” into perspective.

This morning I dissected Psalm 37 into a chart to help me weigh out the pieces of reality. I came away with deep peace about some specific circumstances that had me “hiding under the bed” so to speak.

Evildoers Me God
(existence of evildoers is assumed) Do not fret or be envious He will give the desires of my heart
Do wrong Trust in the Lord He will do it
Will soon wither Do good  He will make righteousness shine like the dawn
Soon die away like plants Dwell in the land  He will make the justice of my cause like the noonday sun
Will succeed in their ways (temporarily) Enjoy safe pasture The Lord laughs at the wicked for He knows their day is coming
Will carry out their wicked schemes Delight in the Lord  
Will be cut off Receive desires of my heart  
Will be no more Commit my way to the Lord  
Will not be found Trust in Him  
  Be still before the Lord  
  Wait patiently for Him  
  Refrain from anger  
  Turn from wrath  
  Do not fret – it leads to evil  
  Hope in the Lord to inherit  
  Enjoy great peace  

My sister reminds me of this quote: In the end, He’ll make it right. If it’s not right, it’s not the end.

Based on Psalm 37, I urge you … Get a wider perspective of whatever is making your life miserable. Back up from whatever is pressing on you. Focus on a more long-term view of the things buzzing around you. Don’t run screaming in terror; there is more of the story yet to unfold.

Come out from under the bed. Those fretful things are really just flies.

That chart is only the beginning of what is there in that chapter! I’d encourage you to read all of Psalm 37 and finish the chart with what you find. It’s a good way to adjust the fret meter.

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