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He’s got your back

May 29, 2015

One of my most favorite things about the Scriptures is that every single word is placed there intentionally by God. Every single detail is in place so that we can know Him better. So, when we read a part of the inspired narrative and we see that some things are obviously missing or are unusually included, it will be worth our time to stop and pay attention.

 giant sword

Such is the case in the story of the giant killers found in II Samuel 21. The absence of battle details and strategic minutia regarding these military engagements tell us that there are other things to focus on. The details that are there tell us what is important.

God’s people are at war with a long time enemy.

Their usual “go to guy” no longer has the staying power he once did. Their familiar hero, David, is “exhausted” and needs to stay out of the thick of the battle.

New giant killers are brought into the picture.

One of the giants they face has a 7 pound spear and a new sword.
One is the brother of Goliath and carries a spear like a weaver’s beam.
One has six fingers on each hand and six on each foot and, most distasteful, a tongue that defames God.
They are all descendants of the Rapha, extraordinary in size and prized warrior specimens.
And, incredibly, they all end up permanently horizontal.

The details of this part of His Story tell us that it’s not about the battle and it’s not about the military prowess. It’s about the size and fierceness of the foe and the totality of the victory. It’s about warriors facing impossible odds and God’s faithfulness to have their backs.

That’s the point of the story.
That’s the promise of the tale.

We are called to resist and do battle – God will have our backs and take care of the final defeat.


No matter which old enemy you are resisting, no matter the manner of weapons brought against you, no matter where you are engaging the giants that threaten and taunt you, you have the same God that the ancient giant killers had. And in the middle of the chaos and the dirt and the struggle and the impossible odds, you will find His voice right in your ear, “I’m FOR you!” “I’m on your side. I’ve got this covered!” “I’ve got your back.”

Read II Samuel 21:15-22. Also read Psalm 18.

My deep appreciation to our pastor, Clif Wilcox, who faithfully shares the Word with us every week. You can listen to the message which gave these insights at

PS – This little clip of a bear cub helps us remember the need of having someone significant at our back. (3:15 is amazing!)

For more on the reality of Biblical giants see 

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  1. May 30, 2015 11:00 am

    How great to know that God has our back! That all of His Word was put there intentionally for us so we can know and experience Him better! I love reading your posts. ❤

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